bQuantum Inc. Helping Companies Embrace Blockchain Technology

bQuantum Inc. is an incubator, accelerator and facilitator in blockchain technology and a solution consulting company which is on a fast rise.

The popular solutions consulting company has become a force to reckon with after offering a range of blockchain-based solutions that covers everything from client’s NFT to Metaverse needs. Fast creating its name as the leading incubator, accelerator, and facilitator in blockchain technology, Bquantum is committed to helping its clients penetrate the market by providing a customized strategy, tools, and knowledge for a successful entrance.

Blake Wilkinson, who has learned from notable figures such as Alan J.Krowe, former CFO of IBM and Texico, the company is known for meeting tight deadlines and delivering outstanding results irrespective of the obstacles that often hamper the launch and scale of new businesses. They offer a step-by-step curated pathway to web development, roadmap creation, influencer marketing, and promotion.

Blake Wilkinson, the Founder of bQuantum Inc., was quoted as saying, “We’re here to help you turn your ambitions into reality by providing experienced project creation and support depending on your goals. Thanks to continual access to specialists and networks in the sector, you can now experience true magic as our developers uncover the most optimal, safe blockchain solutions for you.”

Starting his career as a learning executive decision-maker after finishing his BSBA at Appalachian state university, Blake has been involved in blockchain technology since 2016. He had his first foray into Venture Capital Business development, technology development, and executive decision-making, as he spent two years learning and implementing a company’s IPO.

Blake is well renowned for his C-Level business architecture consulting background and has already co-created multiple startups. He has also worked on projects with Kurt Warner, Mark Wahlberg, and other notable names in the sports and entertainment industry throughout the course of his career. 

Speaking about his life goals, Blake Wilkinson says, “My main purpose in life is to assist the growth and economic development in the field of blockchain, NFT, and Metaverse by bringing together like-minded people for the common benefit. Our rapidly expanding artist network is dedicated to assisting you in transforming your concept into a work of fine digital art.”

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