Kronva and Prima Donna Consulting announce SAP Sybase teaming agreement

Kronva and Prima Donna Consulting, the UK’s premier providers of Sybase database consultancy services, today announced a teaming agreement for a joint market approach within the UK and internationally.

The agreement extends the complementary capabilities of both companies for even more valuable client outcomes. The teaming agreement also adds flexibility for clients as their services can now be engaged either as a supplier or as an independent contractor to improve performance, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), eliminate headaches, and make Sybase systems shine.

Mike Evans, Founder of Kronva, said: “We are delighted today to formalise the longstanding informal arrangement we’ve had with Prima Donna Consulting. Joe is probably the best Sybase database engineer in the world and this agreement brings together two successful service providers who are fellow travellers in their values, approaches, and commitments to excellence. Our proven track records mean even greater things when combined for our clients who now have a best-of-breed option for their Sybase systems. The whole team are excited to be working with Joe.”

Joe Woodhouse, Founder of Prima Donna Consulting, said: “Kronva has always been a centre of excellence for all things Sybase, they are the UK’s leading service provider for Sybase database products, and their consulting bench is world-class. It’s an honour to work more closely with Mike and his team after years of collaboration. Kronva brings 24×7 coverage, managed services, and economies of scale beyond what I or any individual can provide. This is a clear win for the entire Sybase market as we continue to bend Sybase deployments away from underachievement and towards masterful wins.”

About Kronva Ltd

Kronva solves customer’s problems by using technology to deliver innovative data analytics, database and data management solutions wherever they are needed. Their approach is unique in the market and not constrained by traditional thinking. Their team of technology experts will design and deliver project and support solutions to meet clients’ exact needs wherever they may be – in the cloud or on premise – and whatever they may be, from a new database or a hyper performant data analytics platform to a cloud migration or upgrade. Kronva delivers. short or long term consulting, specialist on-demand support, project services, and ongoing managed Sybase services, all delivered from the UK. Kronva are the UK’s largest and most experienced SAP Sybase consultancy with 100’s of years of expertise. Their large team allows them to remove single points of failure and deploy their consultants within hours where needed.

About Prima Donna Consulting Ltd

After working for Sybase Australia for eight years during which a new consulting rank was created just to retain him, Joe Woodhouse left to found Prima Donna Consulting. The company expanded to the UK in 2017. Joe has taught every Sybase training course dozens of times for ASE, Replication Server, and IQ. Joe holds every Sybase technical certification and helped write most of them. If there is a Sybase conference he is usually a speaker and often the only non-SAP speaker. Prima Donna Consulting specialises in Sybase database engineering involving deep technical expertise in all database-adjacent infrastructure (operating system, hardware, network, and storage) – and total mastery of the Sybase layer. Services for clients include technical root cause analysis for troubled Sybase environments, migrations of Sybase versions and platforms, revitalising Sybase infrastructure, and performance and tuning work that has made code and servers up to tens of thousands of times faster.

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Company Name: Kronva Limited
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Phone No: +44 (0)20 3978 410
Country: United Kingdom
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