BitWell CEO: Platform Won’t Freeze Russian Users’ Assets, Will Offer More Favorable Rate Support

On March 11, according to Twitter, Jeff, CEO of BitWell, the world’s leading trading platform for growing assets, tweeted about the inviolability of crypto asset privacy and BitWell’s platform responsibilities.

Jeff said that the privacy and inviolability of crypto assets is a fundamental tenet that has always been recognized. The establishment of BitWell is also to take more responsibility and build a private, fair and free crypto environment with the industry. And the current increasing injustice of some international companies looting user assets at will is contrary to BitWell’s vision.

Jeff revealed in his tweet that a number of users from the Russian region have recently joined BitWell, in response, the platform will provide a 3-month VIP 7 account level for the relevant users to enjoy lower rates and fair treatment. At the same time, the platform will also develop and launch a Russian version as soon as possible to support users in Russia.

Jeff especially emphasized that Russian users are very welcome to experience BitWell, and the platform will uphold the principles of privacy, fairness and freedom, and will not freeze the assets of Russian users, and will always be with them.

Contact Detail:

Company Name: BitWell Technology Limited
Contact Person: Xu Xiuqing
Email: Send Email
Address: 3rd Floor,J&C Building,Road Town,Tortola
Country: Virgin Islands (British)
Website Url:


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