Differentiating between AudienceGain.net and AG.com, once and for all

AudienceGain.net and AudienceGain.com are two very different service providers. Similar domain names can often cause confusion among users. AG.net happened to suffer because of a misunderstanding caused by AG.com

USA – To clear away the confusions that happened a while ago, AudienceGain.net is taking steps. AG.net is a social media marketing services provider. The company was founded in 2016 and has been operating with an overwhelmingly positive reputation since then. AG.net provides services on social media such as Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. AudienceGain reviews are majorly positive, thus hinting towards an authentic service provision.

AudienceGain.net also provides content creators with a chance to earn a livelihood. AG.net assists content producers so that they can make money through video monetization platforms such as YouTube, Tik Tok, and Facebook. AudienceGain reviews are mostly left by the company’s users, who are happy and satisfied with AudienceGain.Net’s services.

AudienceGain.com is a marketplace where Instagram users can buy followers and/or likes. AG.com only provides services on the platform of Instagram, where users can buy as many likes and followers as they wish for their accounts.

The services provided by AG.com are also a bit misleading. The company provides Instagram followers without any guarantee. This business gives customers a standard set of incentives for marketing their accounts. Instagram keeps a strong check on its Likes Algorithm. This algorithm by Instagram can easily detect the automatic flow of large amounts of likes and followers. As a result, these likes and followers can be deleted, hence the customers may end up losing their money for the services by AG.com.

The confusion began when a recent review on suevu.com came out. SUEVU is a well-known Instagram blog that provides Instagram development insights. The review by SUEVU informed the viewers about how AG.com’s website was inaccessible and unresponsive to the users. This bad behaviour by the website depicted a poor performance by the website. The website simply failed to follow the SSL protocol for the client and server.

An article was written by a writer after improper research that hurt the reputation of AG.net, which is a loyal and true service provider. The situation was worsened after another writer, Jonathan Spire made incorrect comments in his recent post. Thanks to a post by Dejan from Suevu.com, viewers can now read the reality. This post cleared away the confusion and wrote an article explaining the differences between AG.net and AG.com.

The confusion further started to mislead the users after they started to ignore the complete names of the companies. The most obvious way to verify a company is to search on Trustpilot. Fortunately, Trustpilot cares about subdomains, hence delivering the right information.

AudienceGain.net and AudienceGain.com are two very different service providers. AG.net delivers ethical and honest digital marketing solutions, whereas AG.com receives mostly 1-star reviews from dissatisfied customers.

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