Research Into New Trend Of Online Dating In US

Hongkong, Aug 13, 2019 — Online dating becomes the trend with the development of internet. There is a statistic that about 45% of American people find their partners through internet. Even more, some of them are willing to develop their romance with the one from other side of the Earth.


When talking about online dating, most of American still stay at the impression of mail order bride. However, there are more and more customized service from the dating sites. To find out more stories about the online dating, we created an interview with the dating consultant of


Whispark as an international dating site, knows that it might be a bit difficult to maintain the relationship of the couples in different countries. So they decide to offer the service for helping to developing relationship for men and women across the world.


“According to the relationship psychologist, the love feeling of online dating is too virtual to experience the realistic feeling like having a hug, holding hands and so on. When you want to get closer to your fancy, you definitely would like to get responded as soon as you share the special moment with her, but it’s hard to realize because of the long-distance and time difference. So we decide to help people to solve this problem with live chat, long distant call. Moreover, the Romance Meet comes up.” said the dating consultant from Whispark.


So, how to use the Romance Meet service and how does it work?


Romance Meet provides the users with an opportunity to scheduling date with potential local match. Any user, when decides to travel somewhere and meet someone local, can simply set the route and plan, and submit a meeting invitation. The Whispark system will send out the invitation to all lady users from the destination city. After that, for those who are available to meet, they will confirm. 


Then the gentleman will have the chance to communicate with the lady to schedule the specific expected date and time to meet, and then confirm it.


“That would be very interesting”, said the dating consultant from Whispark, “You can date the one you already talked online before, or you also can invite some one that never communicated before, so it will bring you a lot of freshness and excitement!”


Each Romance Meet order costs $150 USD. And the man can receive a romantic candlelight dinner or a delicate present as a love testimony and a special translation services for 1.5 hours.


According to Whispark, they have already received some positive feedback about their Romance Meet service. And they are glad to share one of the members’ experience.


“I signed up Jan. 15, then a Vietnamese woman contacted me.” said Edward, a man who succeeded in finding his love on Whispark. “We kept chatting with each other day and night. And she called me on Valentine’s Day with the call services. We talked for 40 minutes and I got to hear her sweet voice.”


“She is 38, I’m 60. I decided to meet her in her city, so I scheduled a trip with her through the Romance Meet service. Then we fell very much in love during the journey. Now, she is planning to get married in Las Vegas, rent a motorhome for honeymoon. And I am going to take her to Oregon to meet my family. Yes, this is a great site. Thank you, Whispark.” said Edward.

He also added a tip, “Remember to be polite to any of the women you contact.


About Whispark

Whispark is a specialist international dating website that helps expand dating opportunities. They gather people from all over the world who dreams of meeting “one” person to build a delightful, meaningful and long-term relationship. The website has years of experience and believe everyone in the world deserves good love. Those married couples are living proof that Whispark really helps members around the world meet someone wonderful.


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