WIMI Hologram Cloud IPOs On NASDAQ Shows Chinese Holographic AR Vision Market Growing Rapidly


Hongkong, Jul 7, 2019 – – WIMI Hologram Cloud ‘s IPO on NASDAQ Global Market will make China a global leader in the field of holographic AR vision. WIMI Hologram Cloud covers multiple links of holographic AR technologies such as holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic vision presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising launch, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, and holographic AI face change development. It has the one-stop service capacity. At present, it has grown into one of the largest integrated technology provider of holographic cloud in China.


China’s Holographic AR Market Size Divided Based on Revenue in 2016-2025

Note: Hardware refers to the revenue of hardware manufacturers, including AR rendering device, such as AR glasses, AR helmets, etc. as well as holographic imaging devices, such as holographic projectors, holographic cabinets, holographic advertising machines, etc. Software and contents refer to the revenue of participants who provide the addition of AR and holographic contents, ARSDK or technical services. Source: Frost & Sullivan


The AR applications are currently mainly used in entertainment, advertising, education and other industries. They have relatively mature hardware environment, which is very beneficial to the development of software and contents in these fields. In the long run, these applications will also appear in social networking and communications field, although these applications are still limited by hardware technology.


WIMI Hologram Cloud has the leading AR holographic application platform in China. According to Frost & Sullivan, WIMI Hologram Cloud is already the largest holographic AR application platform in China in terms of total revenue in 2017. In addition, WIMI established the most comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In terms of revenue, number of customers, holographic AR contents and the number of holographic AR patents and software copyright, WIMI Hologram Cloud ranks the first in the Chinese holographic AR industry. Throughout the year 2018, WIMI Hologram Cloud had approximately 4,654 AR holographic contents, 106 software copyrights and 219 technology patents. WIMI Hologram Cloud is dedicated to meeting the entertainment and business needs of customers and end users by its holographic technologies. According to Frost&Sullivan, the holographic AR application platform operated by WIMI Hologram Cloud covers the most extensive types of holographic AR products in China. The comprehensive platform application of WIMI Holographic Cloud is a key factor that distinguishes WIMI Hologram Cloud from its competitors.


WIMI Holographic AR’s IPO prospectus was published globally in the United States on June 27, 2019. The net profit in 2018 exceeded 89 million yuan, making profits for two consecutive years. In the first quarter of 2019, the net profit increased by 68%, and the profit growth space has been opened. With the development of 5G holographic communication, WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s holographic cloud, which was established only four years ago, is expected to be explosive in the future.


Equipped with advanced AR3D algorithm applications and simulation solutions, WIMI Hologram Cloud can scan objects from all angles and capture more image details than most peer companies. Therefore, according to Frost&Sullivan’s data, WIMI Hologram Cloud can identify and capture up to 550 image data blocks per unit, far exceeding the average market level of 40 to 50 image data blocks. At the same time, relying on the advanced big data and artificial intelligence analysis technology, WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s superior image processing technology and distribution algorithm enable it to efficiently and intelligently synthesize the best 3D model based on the captured original images, and calibrate and optimize it.


WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s technology platform is built on the highly scalable and flexible cloud-based infrastructure, so that WIMI Hologram Cloud can store and utilize a large amount of real-time data collected from WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s products and the third-party sources, and ensure its high-speed performance in accommodating more business partners. WIMI Hologram Cloud uses complex data for excavation and uses user behavior for data analysis to create interest profiles for end users based on user behavior. WIMI Hologram Cloud collected user data from approximately 350 million reliable end-user groups through its holographic AR advertising service, and analyzed the data to obtain more than 2000 user tags.


Based on the image detection and recognition technology, template matching detection technology, video processing and recognition technology, holographic 3D layer replacement technology in imaging recognition, the dynamic fusion processing technology in imaging tracking, WIMI Hologram Cloud has embedded holographic AR advertising in the online video. WIMI Hologram Cloud expects to apply these technologies into its future strategic blueprint, such as the development and application of holographic 3D face recognition technology and holographic face modification technology.


The holographic face modification technology is based on the holographic three-dimensional layer replacement technology of WIMI Hologram Cloud , including image recognition and artificial intelligence-based dynamic fusion processing technology, to track images in real time and replace faces with other faces. This technology replaces the faces in the video frame, synthesizes the video and adds the original audio. In the holographic AR plug-in advertising application, WIMI Hologram Cloud has verified these technology modules, and continues to develop and upgrade these technology modules. WIMI Hologram Cloud believes that this technology will bring new business growth to applications such as celebrity advertising and movie release and live video streaming.


WIMI Holographic cloud intends to continue to invest a lot of resources to strengthen the ability to develop holographic AR contents. WIMI holographic cloud is committed to enriching holographic content combinations and providing high-quality holographic experience for its customers and end users. WIMI holographic cloud plans to continue to expand holographic content libraries through various ways.


 (Source: Unicorn had known earlier)


With the breakthrough of in-depth study of artificial intelligence, the holographic AR will integrate the content captured by the camera with the content simulated by the computer in a more seamlessly way, thus providing users with a more immersive experience. In addition, the development of integrated chips will enable the image processors to be produced at lower cost, thereby reducing the price of holographic AR devices. The widespread adoption of 5G network will make it possible for the real-time data transmission between local devices and the Internet, thus greatly increasing the diversity of content. With the enhancement of the holographic AR experience, the reduction in price and the richness of content, the market demand for holographic AR will be significantly improved.


WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s holographic cloud published its IPO prospectus globally on June 27, 2019 in the United States. Its net profits exceeded 89 million yuan in 2018, making profits for two consecutive years. In the first quarter of 2019, the net profit increased by 68%, and the profit growth space has been opened. With the development of 5G holographic communication, WIMI Hologram Cloud ’s holographic cloud, which was established only four years ago, is expected to be explosive in the future.

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